"Normal" is an insult
I adopted two boys
and they grew up
They grew up heroes.
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Dean: Well, hey, you still got us.




Supernatural season 10 premieres October 7th.




Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar(China) Jensen photoshoots

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The Question: “[Name], would you please sign my boobies?”

Mark Sheppard: “Yes.” [proceeds to label them “right” and “left” with a little grin on his face, then signs.]

Misha Collins: “Of course…wait. Those are - they’re actually called boobies. I was gonna ask you to walk away, but - are these real? This isn’t photoshopped?” [signs name]

Sebastian Roche: “I would love to sign your boobies. These are magnificent boobies. Galapagos Islands, did you know? Oh. It’s labeled right here. Well, I knew that. I want you to know I knew that.” [signs “To Jamie" and then draws boobies on the booby]

Felicia Day: “I was going to do something inappropriate, but I would never do something inappropriate to another woman’s boobies.” [“Jamie! xxoo”]

Richard Speight, Jnr: “Yes. Excellent. This is a welcome addition to Porncouver.” [“Jamie! Sweet Boobies! You rock Porncouver!”]

Jensen Ackles: [bows head over table, shoulders shaking with laughter for ten whole seconds] “Yes. Oh god. Ah. Which booby would you like me to sign? Here, I’ll sign the right one for you. Boobies. Oh god.” [signs name]

Jared Padalecki: “Oh my god, yes. I want to sign your boobies.” [Cliff cracks up in the background. A flimsy table is pounded with a gleeful fist.] “Here, I’ll sign the nice meaty part of this one.” [signs name]

And with that, the Great Booby Saga of 2013 draws to a close.

I’m getting this framed.